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Hi, girls always want to look perfect and surely you are a very beautiful young woman who is always attentive to the way it arranges. To look good girls go to beauty salons, there they relax and also make their friends. Today, through this girls game with fairies you will rejoice to know that you will own a very chic salon in the downtown. It is a business that we have always wanted and now the dream has become reality. We want our salon to become the best in town, so we thought we would ask you to help us. Here, in this makeup game with fairies, you'll be able to own an important role, namely'll you will be the administrator of this beauty salon. You will need to take care of promotion and especially you have to keep all our clients to be happy. Your mission is very beautiful, you'll be able to learn many beauty tricks that will help whenever you want.

You'll be able to prove to everyone that you are a responsible child and more than that you will have fun well.

We are happy that you are here but do not forget that you have to respect all instructions.


- First you will need to know the beautiful fairy princess who is called Ena;

- It is very happy because today will be able to spend time with you;

- You will have to prepare a facial;

- Clean the skin with exfoliating gel;

- Rinse with warm water;

- Clean water with a clean towel;

- Apply a moisturizer;

- Clip the eyebrows;

- Eliminate acne and blemishes;

- Now you have to make a suit;

- Choose a material quality;

- Now you have to do manicures and pedicures;

- Wash hands with warm water and soap;

- Apply a moisturizer;

- Clean the old nail polish;

- Cut nails;

- Apply colored nail polish;

- Choose the most beautiful models;

- Now you have to makeup, apply: contact lenses, mascara, eyeshadow, powder for cheeks and lipstick;

- You have to make a hat;

- Apply colored stones;

- It's time to decorate the castle;

- Then you have to help the fairy to look perfect;

- Choose the most beautiful wings;

- Hairstyle hair;

- Ena has a puppy, you have to take care of him;

- Clean fur with warm water and shampoo;

- Then you have to cut his nails;

- Give him food;

- Prepare a delicious cake;

- Decorate with fruit and candy;

- Prepare gifts;

- You did a great job, you're a great kid.

Thanks for your help, please come back every day through this game for girls.

Have fun!

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